Spouse/Family Visa

Spouse/Family Visa

Moving to another country for a loved one? Family Visa is what you will require. It is called by different code names in different countries but generally it is called a spouse or family visa. It is for the people who are married to someone from a different country or have a family there. Unicouncil can help you get together with your loved ones as quick as possible.

Following are some details about this visa along with how Unicouncil can help you with the same.

Who is considered to be a partner or spouse?
This can vary country to country but generally the following persons come under the definition of a recognised spouse:

● Spouse

A person you are married to as per the legal provisions of the country of either partner.

● Fiance

If you are engaged to someone, then in most cases they will be legally recognized as your partner around the globe.

● Live-in-partner

If you are not married or engaged to your loved one but have been in a long time relationship with them and legally living together for such time, you may be considered a legal partner in most countries.

● Civil partner

If you are not married but have as per law become civil partners it gives you the same status as a marriage.

We at Unicouncil Education will help you determine your category and visa eligibility. We will make sure to that you get united with your loved ones and family as soon as possible

Visa Categories:

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Here are some steps that we will be taking together for your family visa:

  1. Check you and your partner meet the immigration rules
  2. Gather all the supporting documents
  3. Draft an application for the embassy
  4. Application submission and fee payment
  5. Appointment and interview
  6. Background check and other formalities as may be prescribed

Some primary documents required for your Spouse Visa are :-

  • Valid ID proofs
  • Valid Passport
  • Marriage certifications
  • Self declaration affidavits
  • Invitation from partner
  • Other Supporting Documents

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